C&C Technologies Inc. is an A2LA accredited test laboratory providing a full range of mechanical and environmental testing capabilities. Whether you need to perform temperature cycling tests or mechanical shock testing, we have the in-house capabilities you require.
Environmental Testing Services

The C&C Technologies Testing Laboratory is an A2LA accredited test laboratory providing a full range of environmental chambers for temperature cycle, temperature and humidity, temperature and altitude as well as thermal shock testing. We have a wide range of environmental chambers at our disposal to meet almost any testing need.

Temperature ranges are available from -77°C to 350°C and humidity testing capabilities from 10% to 98% RH. We also provide combined environmental testing with temperature and vibration or temperature & altitude simultaneously.

C&C Technologies has all the testing capabilities you require.

Mechanical Testing Services

C & C Technologies offers a variety of shock and vibration testing services for testing a wide range of products across many industries. Automotive components are tested to simulate the effect of road conditions. Other products may be exposed to vibration during transportation until they reach their final destination. Aerospace/Defense products are also exposed to vibration conditions thus requiring vibration testing to ensure product quality and safety. C&C Technologies has four electrodynamic shakers ready for your testing needs. Below is a list of our vibration and shock testing capabilities:

  • Four Electrodynamic Shakers
  • Two with slip table configuration
  • Thermal Vibration Capabilities (Shake and Bake)
  • Two Mechanical Shakers
  • Drop Shock Machine

Environmental Testing Lab